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Balanced Hospitality is focused on redefining the beverage landscape by creating exceptional drinking experiences. Our primary assets are our ability to foster talent and create meaningful connections within our community. We leverage these foundations to create a viable business that serves its neighborhood, its guests, and its staff equally well. The future of successful bars is Balanced Hospitality.


Our first project will be a  groundbreaking drink haven, redefining the landscape of mixology and hospitality in Chicago. Founded by Stevan Miller, the acclaimed Mixologist (Jean Banchet ‘Best Bartender’, National JSS Finalist, Chicago Tribune, & Chicago Magazine), we will transcend the traditional by embracing fresh perspectives rooted in cultural appreciation, community, and sustainability.

Driven by a desire for equitable hospitality, we celebrate the farmers and laborers who share their terroir in the form of coffee, tea, wine, and bottled spirits. Drawing inspiration from the convivial family gatherings of Stevan's own upbringing, we can’t wait to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all who enter.


Join us on this extraordinary journey of celebration, flavor, and connection.

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